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Association of International Property Professionals

Property Frontiers are a respected member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP). As the industry body for the international property market, the AIPP look to improve the standards of the market by focusing on professionalism and reliability. The property marketing industry itself is largely unregulated and this is why it is vitally important that companies such as our own agree to the professional Code of Conduct set forth by the AIPP. Property Frontiers are fully aware of the importance of maintaining professionalism and reliability towards all investors which is why we are the founding member of the AIPP.

As the number of local and foreign property investments continues to increase, the regulation of the property marketing industry becomes all the more important. Whether it’s a holiday investment, a commercial property or a buy-to-let scheme, it is extremely important that the general public are aware of the AIPP and how important it is that property marketing companies are a member of the association. All companies that are members of the AIPP will display a logo of the association to inform of investors of who they can trust.

Industry professionals are given the chance to unite under the necessary laws of the AIPP and this will lead to a wholly trusted industry that can continue to grow without incident for years to come. The consumers will be able to obtain the confidence that they need in order to make an investment, especially if they are new to the industry. The AIPP works to promote the highest standards of property marketing and they do not claim any profit in the process.

Upon accepting the Code of Conduct issued by the AIPP, members must adhere to the actions that are expected of them. This includes a specific level of transparency towards clients, honesty and integrity when dealing with investors. Property Frontiers are delighted to be known as ambassadors of the AIPP’s Code of Conduct and we continue to establish the expectations that have been put forward with the utmost meticulousness. If you are an investor seeking an opportunity in the property market, Property Frontiers are a trusted company that will keep your best interest at heart.

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