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"A spectacular country with a strong economy and real estate potential"


With its rich natural resources, highly educated population and a thriving export based agricultural sector, Argentina is now in a strong economic position although throughout the 20th century it lurched from one financial crisis to another resulting in numerous government changes.

Argentina has a high standard of living that makes it both an attractive place to live and visit, with a growing tourism trade, a fantastic outdoor lifestyle, a varied cultural history and a low cost of living.

As the eighth largest country in the world Argentina offers an incredible range of diverse climates, landscapes and experiences for the visitor - from jungle exploration to high altitude skiing.

The capital Buenos Aires is one of the cheapest developed cities in the world with an enchanting mix of European heritage and South American passion that is embodied in the national dance, the tango. Buenos Aires also offers good investment opportunities with a reliable year round rental demand and good rental yields.

The property market in Argentina is an interesting one as there are virtually no mortgages available and therefore most housing transactions have traditionally taken place in cash using US dollars.  However since Oct 2011 the government restricted the acquisition of US dollars and strict controls have been imposed on any foreign exchange purchase.  As a result there has been a dramatic decline in real estate activity. 

Country Guide


Argentina is situated in South America bordering Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and the Atlantic Ocean. The Landscape of Argentina is very diverse from the mountainous regions of the Andes Mountains to the west bordering Chile and the flat regions of the Gran Chaco in the North. The country's climate is very unpredictable and changes dramatically depending on the region. The Paraná River is the largest in Argentina; other major rivers include Colorado, Rio Negro and the Salado River.


The Argentinean government is a Federal and Democratic Republic.  The country gained independence from Spain in 1816. 


Spanish is the official language of Argentina. English is widely spoken in most popular tourist destinations and a small minority of people speak French, Italian and German.

Standard of Living

Argentina enjoys a moderate standard of living and is highly urbanised. As the country's tourist industry grows, so too does its standard of living. Argentina takes inspiration from the European lifestyle and way of living, a trend that is becoming increasingly evident the more the country develops. Argentina currently has one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America.


Country Economy

Argentina has the third largest economy in Latin America and is classified as the upper middle-income economy by the World Bank.

Historically Argentina has lurched from periods of high economic growth followed by deep recessions - especially during the later part of the twentieth century.  More recently Argentina's economy has flourished and poverty has dropped and GDp grown. 

However Argentina still has problems with government corruption and large taxes and tariffs.

Key Industries:

Agriculture contributes significantly to the economy, accounting for 10% of the country's GDP, and almost one third of the country's total exports. Agricultural exports includes beef, wheat, sugar, barley, milk and potatoes. Brazil and the US are Argentina's main trading partners. Other key exports include edible oils, fuels and energy, biodiesel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel and aluminium, electronics and home applicances and motor vehicles.



Buenos Aires

The capital, Buenos Aires, is the obvious first choice for those looking to buy property in Argentina. It is the political hub of the country and has much to offer in terms of culture and history, making it a top tourist spot. It is also one of the cheapest developed cities in the world. The buy-to-let market is two-fold: there is a demand for property from locals, be they business employees needing an apartment in the Docklands-equivalent Puerto Madero district, or large families wanting a good-sized house in the popular northern suburbs; and then there is the short-term demand created by the steady stream of tourists who favour central city pads, conveniently placed for visiting the key attractions. Occupancy levels tend to be reliably high throughout the year.


Outside of Buenos Aires, Córdoba is the next largest city. It is cosmopolitan with a wealth of history embedded in its streets. Córdoba is known as the cultural centre of Argentina as well as being an important industrial location and housing the first Argentine university. It is popular with tourists for the variety of activities that are within such a close proximity: the historical and cultural sightseeing juxtaposed with robust outdoor adventures and a thriving and energetic nightlife. 


To the south of Córdoba lies Mendoza, nestling in the foothills of the Andes. It is the fifth largest wine producing region in the world and as such draws crowds of wine enthusiasts keen to experience part of the process. It is also a beautiful city, perfect as a base for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the plethora of mountain experiences such as hiking, mountaineering and skiing. 

San Carlos de Bariloche

Further south along the Andean foothills lies the town of San Carlos de Bariloche on the shores of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Resembling a Swiss village, Bariloche is often called the St Moritz of the Andes due to the phenomenal skiing available in the nearby Cerro Catedrale ski resort. This resort is South America's first and largest,. Bariloche is a prime investment location due to its high year round popularity. Being in the southern hemisphere, Argentina offers fantastic skiing when the northern resorts are in the height of summer, and when the snow has receded up the Andean mountains, Bariloche makes for a charming summer mountain and lakeside holiday destination. Occupancy is high for the majority of the year. 


There are many other areas that are worth a second glance, especially considering the rising popularity of range-style holidays. Various Argentines and expats alike have established resorts that offer tailored trips for fishing, hiking and horse trekking, to name but a few. 

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