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"The most visited country in the world and a popular second home destination."


France is famed for its delectable cuisine, fine wines, fashion houses and perfumeries; a country of culture and timeless appeal with its capital, Paris, the city of love and romance. 

With more foreign visitors per year than any other country in the world, France has the third largest income in the world from tourism which is not surprising given the wealth of tastes and interests it can cater for.  To the east stand the Alps, offering some of the highest peaks and best skiing in Europe, whilst it’s numerous medieval cities, art, music, culture, vineyards and sun drenched beaches attract visitors all year round.

France is also traditionally a hugely popular lifestyle choice second home destination for foreigners – particularly the British.

As one of the largest economies in the world, within the European Union and euro-zone, France, has been gradually maturing towards an economy reliant on market mechanisms rather than government intervention and has privatised many of the large companies previously under government control.  However, the government still maintains a strong presence in the power, defence and public transport industries and continues to be committed to social equality which they implement via laws, high taxes and social spending. 

Like many within countries within the euro-zone, the French economy and real estate market has been hit hard by the international global crisis and as a result has struggled with growth.  France also suffers extremely high youth unemployment.

Country Guide


France is in Western Europe bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. France has a jagged hexagonal shape which is why the country has been nicknamed l'hexagone. Two thirds of the country is covered by mountains and hills, including the famous Alps, Pyrenees and Vosgne ranges. Mont Blanc, situated in the Alps, is the highest mountain in Europe making it popular with hikers and climbers. There are three main rivers in France, the Seine, the Loire and the Rhone. 


A republic since 1792, the government is led by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the president. The president is elected every seven years.  There are four leading French parties: the Socialist party, the Conservative Ressemblement pour la Republique (RPR), the Union pour la Democratie Française (UDF) and the French Communist Party. Local administration of France is organized around 22 administrative regions and 96 metropolitan departments.


French is the official language in France but in different regions within the country different dialects are spoken such as Basque and Breton.  English is widely spoken in key tourist centres such as Paris.

Standard of Living

France has a high standard of living and a low number of people below the average poverty line. The French economy is strong and the country as a whole is very wealthy. The cost of living in France is reasonable and the price of consumer goods such as food is cheaper in France than in other European countries such as Britain.


Country Economy

France has one of the largest economies in the world with an economy increasingly reliant on market mechanisms rather than government intervention, with increasing privatisation in certain sectors and reduced governmental influence. Traditionally a socialist country, France is commited to social equality and as such as high taxes and high social spending.

With more foreign visitors per year than any other country in the world, France has the third largest income in the world from tourism. 

Key industries:

Tourism is by far the largest industry but the French also have strong industries in machinery, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and perishable goods.


France is composed of many regions each fiercely proud of their individual characteristics. 


With a convenient proximity to England (where most second home owners orginate from), Normandy has long proved popular with the Brits. Coastal properties tend to cost around 30% more than those inland, fuelled by demand for sea views and easy access to cross-Channel travel. 

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley has also proved popular over the generations, with its myriad of postcard-perfect châteauxs, verdant riverbanks and resplendent towns. Property in the area ranges from cheap shells in need of renovation to modern comfortable homes. Provence and the Côte d'Azur prove highly desirable year-on-year, with the French Riviera especially popular with jet-setting millionaires. 

Wine Regions

For those who are keen to take on more than the average, habitable property, bargain opportunities are cropping up in some of the traditional vineyard regions due to a struggling wine industry that has forced some winemakers to sell up. 


As a popular French holiday spot and busy British retiree destination, the property market in Languedoc-Roussillon is buoyant due to competition from French and British buyers.  


Paris still provides some of the best real estate investment opportunities in France due to consistent demand and a severe shortage of rented accommodation. 



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