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"The hub of the Western Pacific and one of Micronesia's most cosmopolitan destinations."


The hub of the Western Pacific and one of Micronesia’s most cosmopolitan destinations, Guam is infused with a rich exotic culture and beautiful landscape. Its unforgettable coastline of striking sandy beaches and crystal clear water coupled with its absorbing history, fragrant cuisine and traditional music and dances make Guam an increasingly popular international holiday destination. Situated in the heart of the Mariana Islands, Guam is currently the biggest island in Micronesia and is bursting with natural beauty. It also features one of the best deep-draft harbours in the Western Pacific, making it an important navel hub.

The economy is highly dependant on US defence spending but over the last 30 years tourism has grown to be its largest income source and the Guam government is committed to developing the island so that it offers visitors hotels and accommodation at international standards as well as a range of other island amenities. The beaches lacing the island offer many different water sports including spectacular scuba diving among the coral reefs and shipwrecks dating back to the world wars. Diving here is some of the least expensive in the world but no less spectacular. Guam waters are home to the world’s tallest ocean mountain and the world’s deepest known point; the Marianas Trench.

Although Guam isn’t particularly well known for its night life, there are many elegant restaurants and hotels offering a variety of cuisine and the island also features several high profile golf courses.

With no restrictions to foreign ownership, rising tourism and high levels of construction Guam could offer an interesting property investment as rental yields are good.

Country Guide


Guam is situated within the Mariana chain of islands and is currently the biggest island in Micronesia. Guam is particularly popular for its natural beauty with several inactive volcanoes, hills, streams and waterfalls occupying much of the island. Guam also has a range of beautiful beaches along the coastline which attract many tourists, with the western coastline containing some of the most sheltered beaches. The northern part of the island is less mountainous than the south and therefore has a larger population and is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions.


Guam is governed by a elected govenor and 15-member ligislature who are known as senators.   Guam only has two political parties, The Democratic Party and The Republican Party. The country's national holiday is Discovery Day which is celebrated on the first Monday in March.  The legal system is based on that of the US which means that US federal laws also apply in Guam.


English and Chamorro are the official languages in Guam, although Japanese is widely spoken throughout the country especially by the elder generations who lived through times when the Japanese occupied a large part of the country.

Standard of Living

The standard of living in Guam has been gradually improving as the number of tourists increase and the subsequent boom in construction has resulted in many towns and villages being developed. 

Country Economy

Guam has a stable economy which is primarily based on tourism and US military spending. The amount of tourism in Guam has been steadily increasing over  the past 30 years with the largest numbers of visitors arriving from Japan and Korea. 

Key Industries:

Tourism is by far the most important industry and the largest single private sector employer is United Airlines.  As a key US military base much of the countries imports and exports are based around the needs of the American military and the sizable number or tourists from South Korea, Japan, the US, the PHilippines and Taiwan.



Dededo is situated north of Guam and is the most populated town on the island. Micronesia Mall is one of the village's biggest attractions, the mall contains up to 130 stores which include shopping, food and entertainment. It also contains the only amusement park on the island of Guam. Guam golf resort is located along the Tumon beach in Dededo, containing many sporting and leisure facilities as well as a wide variety of cuisines.


Located along the west shore of Guam, Tamuning is the country's economic and business centre and most popular tourist town with many shopping attractions including Harmon flea market and the duty free shopping of Guam premium outlets. There are many places to eat in and around the city with restaurants offering a range of different cuisines. The city borders Agana Bay offering several nice hotels such as Palace Hotel Guam and the onward beach resort. There are many beach and water activities along the coast which are all within walking distance of the big hotels.


The capital of Guam, Agana is the country's main governmental centre, filled with many high rise government buildings. Agana holds some of the island's main tourist attractions such as the historic site of Dulce Nobre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, Chamorro Village and Latte Stone Park, a manmade historical stone setting. The city is also home to Le Tasi Bistro that offers a range of French cuisine.

The Rest of Guam

The south of Guam is home to several inactive volcanoes, such as Mount Lamlam. Along the coast there are several good beaches to visit and hiking opportunities within the central and southern regions of the country. There are also many attractive waterfalls, viewpoints and historic sites to be admired throughout the island.

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