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"An unlikely jewel in the property market crown.”


Kazakhstan is the largest of the former Soviet republics, excluding Russia, and possesses large fossil fuel, mineral and metal deposits including uranium, zinc and copper.  The country also has a large agricultural industry based on both grain and livestock. Although much of the countries income comes from oil and extraction it has embarked on a programme of diversification aimed at developing targeted sectors such as transport, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and food processing.  It also could be seen as an unlikely jewel in the property market crown; with a growing economy, beautiful landscape and low property prices, it presents a very interesting opportunity to the foreign investor.

Kazakhstan’s economy is also on an upward trajectory. It was the first country to repay its debt to the IMF in 2000, seven years ahead of schedule and was successfully upgraded to market economy status under US trade law as a result.

Subtle nuances left over from Russian travellers are apparent throughout the country and the Great Silk Route that ran through the south of the country has inspired varied architecture and some spectacular monuments. The Al Matinsky Nature Reserve, Kol-Say Lakes and the Aksu-Jabaghy Nature reserve, the largest Natural Park and home to numerous rare species, are all testament to the beauty of the natural landscape. Many year round outdoor activities including horse riding, swimming, fishing, hiking and skiing have become a great draw for visitors and are helping the new tourist industry.

Country Guide


Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, northwest of China. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan border the south of the country and Russia sits on the northern border.


The government in Kazakhstan is a unitary republic with authoritarian presidential rule.  This supreme chancellor is also the commander in chief of the armed forces and my veto legislation that has been passed by parliament. Since the fall of communism Kazakhstan has seen dramatic changes in privatisation and liberalisation. The government is keen to structure a plan for increasing profits made from tourism – infrastructure is being dramatically improved and foreign property sales are now protected by the government whilst a more straightforward purchase process is in place.


Kazakh is the main language spoken in Kazakhstan along with Russian. The Kazakh language originated using the Arabic Script and was the result of a revolt against the Russian language.

Standard of Living

The standard of living in Kazakhstan is constantly improving. The government plans to improve infrastructure and lower credit rating allowing the poorer people of Kazakhstan to afford homes.


Country Economy

Of the world's emerging markets, Kazakhstan is perhaps the one with the most potential. With major deposits of oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, tin and gold, the country's export trade is a strong one. Thanks to its wealth of natural resources the country attracts high levels of FDI and Kazakhstan's economy is considered by some to be the fastest growing in the world. At the outset of its growth and reform cycle, Kazakhstan should mature into a prime investment destination providing that political stability is preserved. 

Key industries:

The Caspian Sea region has become a central focus point for untapped oil and natural gas resources. Key industries outside minerals include  chemicals, machinery, grain, wool, meat, transport and telecommunications.




Atyrau has well developed fishing and oil industries as well as strong machine building and crop production.

Of special importance is the unique Tengiz oil deposit, development and the prospective oil and gas deposits in the northeastern part of the Caspian seabed.


Almaty was the official capital of Kazakhstan for more than 70 years (April 1927 until December 10, 1997).

There are 5 stadiums, a hippodrome, and Medeu, a mountain sports complex with a unique skating ring where international skating championships are held. Records for the longest ski jumps and fastest speed skating have been set here. The nearby ski resort of Shymbulak and the international mountain climbing camp, Khan-Tengri, attract outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.


Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997. The most popular area for property investment, the capital is a thriving modern city developing at rapid speed. It is also the political and cultural centre for Kazakhstan.

Astana has seen much infrastructure improvements over the last 20 years and the population has increased dramatically alongside the number of jobs available. Construction within the capital receives the largest proportion of foreign investment and as such, is relied upon to create developments and changes that will benefit the whole country.

Astana is centrally located in the republic of Kazakhstan with all roads leading from Siberia to Central Asia, and from China to Europe crossing here. The airport in Astana is undergoing major renovation and a new runway is being built to cope with the growing numbers of people visiting the capital.


The city of Aqtau is considerably cheaper than other cities in the country and should therefore be noted by investors. It is a relatively new city – built in 1961 to service the burgeoning oil industry and as such should experience high demand and growth.

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