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"Taking similar steps to Dubai, Qatar is developing very rapidly."


Qatar is probably one of the most stable countries in the Middle East after having managed to avoid the violent unrest that has blighted many of its neighbours.  This is partly due to Qatar’s immense wealth.

With strong GDP, Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world being the world’s biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).  The increase in international oil prices and government investment in expanding its gas sector has helped Qatar achieve the world’s highest per-capita income with the world’s lowest unemployment.  At present Qatar has oil reserves of over 25 billion barrels which enable it to continue production at its present levels for the next half a century.  Qatar also controls 13% of the world’s gas reserves – the third largest in the world.

With so much wealth Qatar is growing at break neck speed and looking to expand both private and foreign investment in non-energy sectors, whilst undertaking some massive infrastructure projects including the Qatar metro system, light railway and the Qatar-Bahrain causeway.

Such rapid expansion has resulted in a growing property market and tourism industry, with permanent residency visas being offered to foreigners buying freehold property here.  With good rental returns in the capital Doha and a thriving foreign expatriate community, Qatar has a lot to offer.


Country Guide


Qatar is a country which is rich in oil; it is situated in the Middle East and borders Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. The northern part, particularly in the west mainly consists of hills whereas the rest of the country is made up of sand dunes and salt flats. Doha is the capital city and situated along the central eastern coast.


Qatar gained independence from the UK in 1971 and is governed by an absolute monarchy called the Emir.  There is no independent legislature and political parties are forbidden.  The supreme chancellor appoints the prime minister and all cabinet ministers who together form the Council of Ministers - which is the supreme authority in the country.


Arabic is the official language in Qatar although some English is spoken throughout the country, mainly in popular tourist areas or major cities such as Doha.

Standard of Living

Qatar is outstandly wealthy and as a result has invested much in improving its infrastructure.  Qatar has the world's highest  per-capita income and virtually no unemployment.  The standard of living is therefore very high. 

Country Economy

Qatar's economy used to survive on the pearling and fishing industries but the discovery of oil has considerably helped the country's economy and allowed citizens to have a higher standard of living. Qatar's economy is largely reliant on its enormous gas reserves - its main export. Not withstanding the countries great wealth of natural resources the government is still trying to promote other sectors in the economy.

Key Industries

Gas and Oil predominate but also fertilisers and steel.  Tourism is also a growing industry.



Doha is the capital of Qatar and 80% of the population residing here. Oil and natural gas supplies have allowed the city to obtain great wealth and with this the capital is constantly modernising adding high rise office blocks and spectacular sky scrapers. Doha is setting its sights on becoming the next Dubai and is specifically focussing on developing its real estate markets rather than becoming reliant on tourism, although there are still many tourist friendly sights around the capital. One of the biggest attractions in Doha is the Al-Corniche which is a walkway that extends around Doha bay overlooking Palm Tree Island and the new developments in the city centre. The city has an abundance of shopping opportunities and is renowned for its numerous modern shopping malls, traditional souqs which sell anything from spices, incense and custom made furnishings to vegetables or gold.

Al Khor

Smaller and older than Doha, Al Khor  was the centre of the pearl industry and the area still has an active fishing industry and lively harbour and offers one of the best beaches in Qatar used by the locals for evening sports and barbeques. This area has an established five-star hotel resort in the form of a converted palace and a new industrial complex.


Situated along the southeast coast of Qatar, Messaied is only 45 km from the capital Doha. The town is home to a busy commercial port and several refineries making it the hub for oil processing and an important centre for exports. Being a small town there are only a few shops, cafes and restaurants. The main population of this area are workers at the industrial plantations but the majority of families decide to live in Doha and commute to Messaied. The town does have a pleasant Corniche area, but being an industrial centre there is little focus on tourism.

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