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"Increases in tourism sees boom in Thai rental market."


The country that was once known as Siam is a vibrant enchanting mix of proud tradition coupled with modernity. A tropical paradise located in South East Asia, Thailand is famed for it southerly sunshine coral islands – the backdrop for numerous Hollywood films - and its urbanised cosmopolitan cities from the buzzing nightlife of the capital Bangkok to the gateway to China, Chang Mai, in the north.

Thailand has one of the largest tourism industries in the world embracing all visitors from backpacking students and eco-tourists, to those wanting 5 star holiday spa hotels or residential retirement retreats. As the gateway to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and Indochina, Thailand offers the traveller a myriad of experiences including countryside dotted with gold encrusted Buddhist temples.

With good healthcare and transport systems and a stable traditional society – held together by the love of its constitutional monarchy and the Buddhist religion, Thailand offers not only a cheaper standard of living than Europe but reasonable holiday home investments and a pro-landlord rental market.

Country Guide


Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia; it borders Myanmar, the Indian Ocean, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. The country has four main geographical divisions. The North is mainly covered with mountains and forests while the Northeast is the most deprived part of the country as it suffers bad droughts. The central part of Thailand is mostly flat and is where most of the rice is produced as the land is so fertile and the southern part of the country is mostly mountainous with several rainforests. The Chao Phraya River is the largest river in Thailand and dominates a huge part of the country.


The Thai government is a constitutional monarchy, with a Prime Minister as the head of government and a hereditary monarch as the head of state. Over the last few decades Thailand has had a very turbulant political history with numerous riots and coups.


Thai is the official language in Thailand although English is widely spoken by most Thai nationals. There are many ethnic and regional dialects spoken throughout Thailand.

Standard of Living

Thailand enjoys a low cost of living compared to many other countries in the world. The cost of buying food can vary considerably from street stalls to fine restaurants. Thailand has an inexpensive and efficient transportation system and good health care. Accommodation is easy to find in most parts of the country and more and more Thai nationals are learning English so communicating is no longer a problem.

Principle Town

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the country's main commercial and economic hub. This also makes it Thailand's most populated city.

Country Economy

Thailand has one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia with pro-investment policies and an exceptionally strong export industry especially in agricultural goods, Thailand is the largest producer of rice in the world and 60% of the country's workforce is employed in the agricultural sector. In addition to agricultural commodies Thailand also has a strong electronics, food processing and automobile and parts industries.  Even when hit with internal and external economic shocks such as natural disasters or international financial meltdowns the economy has rebounded well. Thailand's main trading partners are China, Japan and the US.

Key Industries:

Rice, textile, footwear, electrical appliances, computers, automobiles, fishery products, rubber, jewellery.




With a population of over 6 million people, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also the country's largest city. This diverse city has a strong mix of the traditional eastern way of life blended with a new found modern way of living and being a very lively and busy city there is much to do. The overcrowded streets and manic traffic of Bangkok adds to the excitement of this urban city while the Chao Phraya River proves to be just as busy as the roads with vast number of rowing boats and river taxis occupying it each day. The city is a major economic and financial centre and is one of the fastest cities in the world for constructing high rise buildings. With a large variety of cultural sites in and around the city, Bangkok is increasingly becoming more and more popular with tourists.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is noted as the capital of the north of Thailand and has developed into a very modern city over the years although it has yet to become as sophisticated as Bangkok. Chiang Mai has a wealth of history based on its located on an ancient trading route. The city hosts three main festivals each year, Songkran which celebrates the Thai New Year, the flower festival which occurs when the tropical flowers are in full bloom and Loi Kratong where thousands of people gather by the river and worship the goddess of water. Chiang Mai is a major transportation centre for its region and has affordable accommodation, places to see and visit and a lively nightlife.


An island situated just off the south shore of the country in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a southern province of Thailand. The island is predominantly mountainous with most of the western part of the island covered with mountain ranges. The island has several beaches on its coast but the most popular beach and tourist destination in Phuket is Patong beach. The island has become increasingly popular with back packers and the tourist industry is forever developing. There are several activities to do on the island such as Jungle safari expeditions, trekking and rafting adventures, city tours or just exploring the true culture and traditions of the island. Another place to visit is Ko Phi Phi, an island just off Phuket which can be reached by speed boat or ferry and was the setting for the film - The Beach.

Ko Samui

Situated just off the south east coast of Thailand, Ko Samui is Thailand's third largest island. Only in recent years has Ko Samui become a popular tourist destination, and the island has a buzzing atmosphere with a wide variety of tourists from families to students. This range of visitors means that the island is able to cater for most needs from quiet secluded coves to lively party beaches. Chaweng is the core attraction point on the island. Being home to the biggest beach on the island, it also has a great nightlife with many clubs, pubs and bars. There is also an international airport on Ko Samui making it more accessible to tourists.

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