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As a consultative agency we encourage clients to ask questions before they make any investment. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Understand Us

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are Property Frontiers and what do you offer?

Property Frontiers is one of the leading independent property consultancies in Europe, and we specialise in providing thoroughly researched and profitable property investments from across the world.  These projects are not available anywhere else and are backed up with world-class customer service.

2. How are you different from other property investment companies?
  • Our product – pioneering, quantified and proven financial impact
  • Our research and due diligence checks – we conduct detailed research and checks prior to all of our product launches
  • Our staff – knowledgeable, professional and no hard sell approach
  • Our on-going customer service – we believe in transparency and trust and we aim to support all of our clients throughout the lifetime of their investment

We are guided by our principles - ‘The Four Is’

Insight – we carry out macro- and micro-economic research to investment-grade levels of detail to ensure the best prospects for solid returns.

Integrity – we undertake market-leading levels of due diligence to ensure we only work with credible partners with a proven track record.  This is designed to maximise the security of your money and returns.

Innovation – one of our key differentiators and where we lead the market.  Since 2004 we have pioneered asset classes and countries, making opportunities available for the private investor, which are usually reserved for funds and institutions.

Impact – we work hard to identify realistic returns for our clients, which maximise the profitability of each project, including a secure and viable exit strategy.

3. Where do you operate and what types of properties can I invest in?

Since 2004 we have offered projects across the globe, from the UK to Mongolia.  All projects carry different benefits for the investor, driven by yield, growth, and discount.  Our projects are split into six asset classes which each carry different characteristics:  Alternative Investments, Buy-To-Let Property, Commercial Property, Hotel Rooms, Resort Investments, and Student Accommodation.

4. How do I know that you are a reputable company?

We believe the fact that we have been operating since 2004 in our original form, whereas many of our competitors have disappeared, is a demonstration of our sound and solid approach to finding investments for our clients.  We are also a founder and board member of the Association of International Property Professionals, an independent body designed to ensure best practice within the overseas property industry, which now has more than 400 members.  We have been awarded Best Large Agent for the last four years consecutively by AIPP – an award that is independently assessed. However the best demonstration of our reputation comes from our clients.  When investing through us you have the opportunity to speak to other clients as referees, many of whom have invested with us time and time again.

5. How do you choose the investment opportunities?

As well as to our clients, we are well known to developers and other agents as a company that delivers.  Therefore we are approached constantly with projects, the vast majority of which we reject (for many reasons).  Primarily our decision process is governed by our principles as set out in 2.  Our due diligence process has evolved over the last ten years to what we believe is the most thorough in the industry; aimed at offering you the best alternative investments.

6. What returns can I realistically expect to achieve?

Returns from our projects come in three forms:  capital growth, income and discount.  The levels of each vary based on the location, the asset class, the amount of investment required and a whole host of other factors.  We focus on bringing realistic, long term investments to market and this is how we have developed the reputation we have and why so many of our customers reinvest though us. In order to find out which of our projects is suited to your needs, please get in touch.

7. Can I hear from other clients who have invested?

Yes.  We can offer the chance to speak to existing clients once you are interested in a specific property, as part of your own due diligence process.

8. Are there any extra charges other than my investment?

There may be other charges such as solicitors' costs, stamp duty etc. but all costs are listed in our brochures.  There are no hidden fees.  If there were, we wouldn’t enjoy repeat purchases from our clients time and time again.

9. Can Property Frontiers arrange finance for me?

Property Frontiers is not able to arrange finance but we have developed relationships with some of the leading Independent Financial Advisors and banks in many countries and will recommend partners where possible and when needed.

10. How does Property Frontiers make its money?

We earn a commission from the developers of the projects that we market. For some projects, we may also charge a client administration fee.

11. How is my money protected?

As part of our membership of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), we are bound by their code of conduct.  When we take deposits or client administration fees, we keep client funds in a dedicated client bank account  and don’t receive our fees until your purchase has exchanged.

12. What happens after I invest?

Over the last ten years we have developed a world class after-sales process.  After you have made a reservation, a dedicated Completions Advisor will be on hand to help you through your purchase.  You can expect them to liaise with you, the solicitors, vendor and (where appropriate) the finance broker to guide your purchase to completion as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Where issues arise we can call upon the experience of the directors and senior management team who, between them, have been involved in the completion of many thousands of properties and investments.

After completion, our after-sales service will continue to be there for you, to help with any queries that come up.

We know that if we provide you with an investment you are happy with, delivered with superb service, you will consider investing through us again and hopefully recommend us to your friends and family.

13. Does Property Frontiers offer a referral scheme?

Absolutely! At Property Frontiers a considerable amount of our business comes through good, old-fashioned word of mouth, so if you know of any friends or family that might be interested in the sort of investments that we offer, by way of thanks we will give you up to £250 on completion of any investments referred by you.

How does it work?

Simply fill in the details of your contact using the form below, and we will send them an introductory email. Should they ever choose to invest you will be paid a referral fee, and you can introduce up to twenty friends and family.
Alternatively, simply ask your contact to get in touch with us and just mention your name.

What will you get?

Property Frontiers pay you up to £250 for each successful introduction.

14. What is the next step?

That’s completely up to you!  There are a wide variety of ways to engage with us:

Simply view the properties on our website
Call one of our Investment Consultants on +44 1865 202 700
Email us on
Tweet us: @PropFrontiers
Find us on Facebook:

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Drop us a line

We will treat your data with respect and never use them for any reason other than to send you investment opportunities. You can find the details in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

If you would prefer not to hear from us, you can stop receiving our updates at any time by getting in touch or letting us know in our Preference Centre.

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