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Stephen Wise, Kuwait

Buy To Let / Istanbul, Turkey

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... professional staff that immediately dispel [...] initial feelings of doubt.

When I got the original newsletter from Property Frontiers I became very interested in pursuing a rental investment property in Turkey especially seeing as not only have I always enjoyed my visits to the country but I am also savvy to the investment potential of Istanbul.

Once I decided that No 1 Knightsbridge in Istanbul would provide the perfect Turkish property for me to rent out (unless I fall in love with it when it is finished and want to live there myself) I paid the required $50,000 up front and will pay off the remaining $100,000 upon completion in 2014.

In terms of the buying process I am more than satisfied especially considering Property Frontiers are located in UK, while I reside in Kuwait, commuting each day over the border to my job in Saudi Arabia and the No 1 Knightsbridge property is in Istanbul which was a wee bit challenging to say the least. In spite of this, everyone at Property Frontiers made the entire experience as seamless as possible, big thanks to investment consultant Gwen and Operations Manager Katie. They even gave me a pep talk when I was getting a little frustrated with the embassy and the paperwork, and in the end it worked out just fine.

I have to say that I would absolutely buy through Property Frontiers again. Anyone who is buying property overseas, and in some cases 'sight unseen', will find the experience daunting. What is most critical obviously, is the legitimacy of the deal. Property Frontiers is well established, with professional staff that immediately dispel those initial feelings of doubt. I am in continuous contact with them and will certainly buy through them when another opportunity appears that is appropriate for me.

If I could give any advice to those looking at property investments I would say to really look at the property as a place where you yourself could live, because even if your initial plan is to buy for investment, paths can change and you may want it for yourself. I would certainly say buying in a place that you are excited about can heighten the joy of the experience!

The second piece of advice is to dispel those pesky feelings of doubt by only looking at opportunities that are legitimate. Talk to other international investors and get their referrals, this will then release you to enjoy the entire experience and lastly, don't be daunted by the paperwork, contracts and taxes, it may seem overwhelming but it is really quite routine and manageable when you jump in and do it.

Overall I am extremely pleased with how things have worked and feel very lucky that I have been able to jump into some exciting investments. I would once again like to give thanks to all at Property Frontiers and I will look forward to seeing what the future has to hold for me and my property investment and other future ventures that may arise.

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