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Kampala beats Nairobi in quality of living for expats

September 23, 2015Article by Clare Moorhouse

Kampala offers a better and higher quality standard of living for expatriates, compared to Nairobi, according to a survey by global consultancy, Mercer Insights.

The survey, which covers 230 cities worldwide, is aimed at helping multinational companies compensate their staff fairly when placing them on international assignments. It evaluates factors such as local living conditions, housing, recreation, socio-political and economic environments, schools and transport.

The Ugandan capital was ranked 169th globally, compared with Nairobi that came in at 186th. Uganda came third in the continent after South Africa’s Durban (95) and Cape Town (91).

Kampala is a city built in seven hills and offers an exciting cultural experience for many foreigners. Modern supermarkets, hotels and shopping malls in the central business district, and traditional open markets selling fresh organic foods, paint a picture of Kampala that is a far cry from popular African misconceptions. In fact, the country is considered the happiest in East Africa according to the 2013 UN World Happiness Report.

Africa is on the move
Rising investments in Africa’s service sector and a growing oil and gas industry is causing more foreigners to call Kampala home – with many multinationals actively seeking accommodation to house their employees. The Industry Baseline Survey estimates the oil sector will employ 11,000 to 15,000 people directly by 2017, many of whom will be expatriates. And it’s not just blue chip expatriates that require luxury accommodation. There’s been a noticeable increase for high quality accommodation in the middle-income bracket coming from the Ugandan Diaspora – further fueling the need for more top grade accommodation.

Most expats prefer living in high-end, western style properties such as the brand new apartments at Jakana Heights, perfectly located at the top of one of Kampala’s tallest hills, which offers superior quality, design, on-site amenities and security than local developments. The property provides easy access to the central business district of Kampala and is only a 20 minute drive to Entebbe International airport.

Commenting on the new development which is under construction, Ray Withers, Chief Executive of Property Frontiers, says: “Africa is an area we have personally been researching for many years. It is, without question, one of the last ‘frontier’ markets and we are very excited about the economic growth prospects and the high demand for residential property both in Uganda and across Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Jakana Heights is an impressive development being delivered by a reputable UK developer. It provides ideal accommodation for expatriates and the Ugandan Diaspora. It offers investors realistic NET yields of 15%, along with excellent capital growth potential.

To find out more about Jakana Heights, contact one of our Investment Consultants on +44 1865 202 700.

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