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Sit Back and take a SIPP of the lucrative UK property market

June 24, 2013Article by Ray Withers

With inflation at 2.7%, beating the interest available on most savings accounts and the UK in the midst of a pensions crisis due to the demise of final salary pensions and jobs for life which offered many workers a guaranteed, index-linked and often generous retirement income, many, including myself, are looking to alternative ways of saving for the future.

One increasingly popular option has been the SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) which offers the flexibility to choose where to put your pension money. This combination of choice and control has proved highly appealing with the number of people with SIPPs at Hargreaves Lansdown rising by 43% in under 2 years, some 146,000 savers.

Of all the products available to invest in through a SIPP, property has always remained a top desire and for years I’ve been asked the same question, “Is it possible to invest in residential property using funds held in a (SIPP)?”  It has always been a disappointingly simple question to answer, you couldn’t.

Commercial property has always been fine, but not residential property.  That’s despite the fact that UK residential property is one of the investment asset classes that the vast majority of UK investors are most comfortable with. The results of a recent survey by Sippclub confirms this desire with 91% of the public backing the idea of allowing residential property to be held within pensions schemes.

However if you have a SIPP, and like UK residential property, this desire can now be reality as we at Property Frontiers are proud to present for the first time a property bond which is SIPP compliant, delivers superb returns and whose underlying asset is UK residential property.

Fast Facts:
•          Invest from £15,000
•          Double-digit returns after first year (10%-25% depending on investment)
•          5 year term
•          Net return on investment 51%-61% over term
•          SIPP compliant

The bond will only invest in UK residential property, buying from distressed sellers and selling back into the market to make a profit each time.  It’s a model that the asset management company behind the opportunity has executed over 3,000 times in the last 7 years.  They know their numbers, and they know what works. Plus you get total transparency to see the projects that are being worked on at any time through a secure intranet system.

The underlying assets will always be property, but as the investor you do not need to get involved with the management. It’s a true hands-off investment.

We don’t know of anyone else who offers a product like this – one which conforms with the rules, gives great returns, and allows you to invest SIPP money into residential property so get in touch with us on +44 1865 202 700 or click here.


Ray Withers

Ray has over 17 years’ experience in the international property market and bought his own first international property investment back in 2002. Aside from running Property Frontiers, Ray has been involved in residential, hotel, student and commercial property investment and development in both the UK and overseas and co-wrote "Where to Buy Property Abroad - An Investor's Guide". As Founder and Trustee of the Frontiers Foundation, Ray is directly involved with many of its projects to ensure they have a direct and tangible impact in individual communities across the globe. He is passionate about property, travelling, scouting out new opportunities and finding time to spend with his young family.
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