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The competition heats up as Property Frontiers get behind the wheel at London Rally School

August 11, 2016Article by Chelsea Battle

Last week Property Frontiersmen and women enjoyed an adrenalin-filled day out of the office at London Rally School, located in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

It was the perfect opportunity for all members of the team to think openly and discuss ideas about how to make Property Frontiers even better for our clients – and have some fun with a bit of healthy competition.

The day began at the beautifully rustic Farmhouse Restaurant and Café in Bicester Village, where we sat down over breakfast to talk strategy for the tasks ahead. Perfectly fuelled with eggs and caffeine we embarked on a short drive to Pool Farm in Stratton Audley. But, before we could start the high adrenaline experience, we had to get down to business.

The morning session consisted of a teambuilding exercise and discussion of all things Property Frontiers. Lead by Founder and CEO Ray Withers, a presentation and discussion of the company’s strategy for growth and development ensued. Working together, some wonderful ideas to guarantee success for the future were generated.

There was also a focus session on the principles and values of Property Frontiers, ensuring that the company culture, centred around the value of people, both the team itself and our clients, was clear to all.

After another helping of delicious food, we were ready for action!

Guided into an external room we sat down for some in-depth training from the rally driving instructor and off we went. There were two very different cars that we all had the pleasure of driving throughout the day – a Ford Escort and Mitsubishi EVO.

 Photo 03-08-2016, 14 17 06 13950742_10154197041755622_461802351_o

Riding as a passenger for a couple of laps of the challenging gravel circuit, we were then each let loose behind the wheel. Trying hard to forget all we knew about everyday road driving and under expert tuition from our instructor passengers, each Frontiersmen took it in turns to practice handbrake turns in the Ford Escort before tackling the full circuit, the second of which laps was timed to make things a little more competitive!

After wrestling with the heavy steering and somewhat absent brakes of the vintage Ford, it was time to switch over to the more modern EVO which offered tighter track grips firmer brakes and the luxury of power assisted steering.

The track itself was a good length with a mixture of fast and tight bends, handbrake turns and drift sections. Both cars were all spot on in their own ways with plenty of on-the-limit driving and the odd spin out. It was as close to real rallying as you could get!

After the last Frontiersman had completed their track session, it was over to the Rage machines. A stark contrast to the Escort and EVO, these off-road buggies presented the team with new challenges. In pairs, the team tested the multi terrain vehicles to their limits around a grass track with timed laps – and only a few cones displaced!

As the team took off their helmets after a hard day’s racing and enjoyed a well-earned cold drink, it was time for the results. Competitive as ever, Ray was keen to place first however an overly ambitious handbrake turn which led to a spin out cost him dearly on his timed lap, resulting in a mid-table finish. Winners were Chairman Anton Tardif and Business and Development Will Tindall who accepted their medals graciously.

How did we finish the day? With a trip to the pub of course (with designated drivers on orange juice naturally).

Photo 03-08-2016, 12 28 20 IMG_5350

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