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Two Contrasting Products? ‘Bamblewood’ and VTC

July 21, 2010Article by Ray Withers

At first glance it is hard to think of two investment types more contrasting than the Village at Town Center development in Florida and the Dual Forestry Investment in Sandalwood and Bamboo.

Let’s start with the Village at Town Center (VTC), a luxury condominium community in Orlando, Florida. A range of two and three-bed units are available for long-term rentals and vacation use – or a combination of both. Property Frontiers is bringing you a unique opportunity to purchase our few remaining two and three bed units at well below market price. Outstanding resort facilities include: landscaped grounds and walking areas; spectacular clubhouse; state of the art gym/fitness centre; swimming pool and floodlit tennis court.

Set in an exclusive and safe environment, VTC has excellent facilities and is close to some of the top tourist attractions in the world, including Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, Seaworld Orlando, Walt Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Something for everyone, you might say?!)

Despite the overall economic situation in the US, the economy is actually growing in Metro Orlando. A young, diverse and educated workforce is making the area a creative hub: a $13.4 billion high tech industry employs close to 53,000 people and the nearby University of Central Florida has over 50,000 students. Best of all for investors, the units start at US$ 67,900. VTC is especially attractive to lifestyle investors who are looking for a vacation home or even to relocate. Yet it is also a useful source of rental income in an area replete with young and well-qualified professional people.

A young, diverse and creative workforce is making this corner of the United States a creative hub. For example, a $13.4 billion hi-tech industry employs close to 53,000 people and the nearby University of Central Florida has over 50,000 students. Small wonder that these units have been selling rapidly since the end of 2009 and there are only a small number left. …

Dual Forestry, by contrast, is one of our new Eco-Investments. Unlike the others, it offers two products for the price of one – practical Bamboo and luxury Sandalwood (or ‘Bamblewood’ as it is has become known in the office). The investment is spread across two countries, Thailand and Sri Lanka and there is the chance to earn both rental income and a lump sum. Investments are long term: the lump sum payment comes at Year 16. They start at US$30,000 – with a possible return of $306,858! For more details of the investment and the products, see my 07 July Blog below.

So what do these two investments have in common? Both invite long-term commitment to a high quality product, one in property, the other in tropical hardwood plantations. Both are versatile. VTC is just as good as a holiday home or a rental investment, ‘Bamblewood’ provides income and capital returns. Both are within the reach of middle-income investments. These apparently contrasting products illustrate two things: the growing diversity of our activities and the wider range of options being considered by our investors in changing times.

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Written by: Aidan Rankin


Ray Withers

Ray has over 17 years’ experience in the international property market and bought his own first international property investment back in 2002. Aside from running Property Frontiers, Ray has been involved in residential, hotel, student and commercial property investment and development in both the UK and overseas and co-wrote "Where to Buy Property Abroad - An Investor's Guide". As Founder and Trustee of the Frontiers Foundation, Ray is directly involved with many of its projects to ensure they have a direct and tangible impact in individual communities across the globe. He is passionate about property, travelling, scouting out new opportunities and finding time to spend with his young family.
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