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Investment Consultant Brad Wiid celebrates 1 year with Property Frontiers

February 17, 2015Article by Charlotte Ashton

One year ago, almost to the day, Brad Wiid joined the Property Frontiers team as an Investment Consultant. His role is to work with investors to explain the opportunities offered by Property Frontiers and find the right investment or combination of investments to suit their needs.

To celebrate the passing of the first of many years as a member of the Property Frontiers team, Brad has shared his thoughts on his experiences over the past year.

How have you found the last 12 months at Property Frontiers?

The past 12 months has been an incredible journey. I have learnt so much, from some of the best customers and professionals in the industry. If, in the next 12 months, I learn half as much as I did last year then it would be an achievement.

In what ways have you seen the attitude of investors towards property change?

When I started in February last year a lot of my clients were mainly interested in London stock and hadn’t really contemplated the UK’s secondary cities. As the year progressed, more and more clients began looking outside of London for higher yielding and smarter investments.

I have also noticed that many investors are no longer looking purely for income-based investments like student/care homes and parking spaces. Rather, they are looking for residential buy-to-let property investments where they can gain decent asset appreciation alongside good rental yields.

A clearly defined exit strategy has also become very important. Investors remain very cautious and are pleasingly savvy with regards to the due diligence they undertake before making any purchasing decisions.

Where have your clients been investing?

The three B’s: Birmingham, Belfast and Bicester.

Is there a particular development that has really caught your eye?

Westbury Court, Bicester.

If so, why?

Having personally lived in previous developments completed by the developer Oxford Homes and also being in Oxfordshire (my back yard), this project is close to my heart. If I weren’t looking to purchase a primary residential property in the next 12 months I would have invested here myself. The quality, price point, location and investment story all stack up for a perfect opportunity to maximise your returns.

What do you think 2015 holds for Property Frontiers and your clients?

Property Frontiers will continue to go from strength to strength. The relationships we have built up with some of the best developers in the industry will benefit my clients even further as we gain access to the best developments in the best locations around the country.

We will also see the completion of our beloved 1 Hagley Road (Birmingham), which is the first development we took on when I started and which has just sold out!

For further details of how Brad and the Property Frontiers team can help you to profit from buy-to-let investment opportunities in the UK, contact Property Frontiers today or call +44 1865 202 700.

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